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Our research is focused on providing scientific knowledge, sustainability indicators, modelling the ecosystems’ carrying capacity, improving production techniques for a sustainable ecological management of commercial bivalve farms, as well as training experts that can satisfy future demands for advice and study alternative ways of sustainable exploitation of coastal ecosystems.

Our studies aim to improve and integrate the knowledge of ecological interactions of cultured bivalves and to contribute to the development of management tools based on the ecosystem that will promote the ecological sustainability of bivalve culture and, in particular, mussel culture. A sustainable industry, where mussel seed is directly obtained from natural recruitment of juveniles in the area, and mussel culture is carried out through anthropogenic action —technology and mussel rafts—. This mussel production is conditioned by the hydrographical and environmental characteristics of the environment and the carrying capacity of the ecosystem. In this context, the effects of global change on the sustainability of bivalve production are also evaluated.


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