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The general aim of this group is to develop experimental techniques and to acquire knowledge on biology, physiology and microbiota associated to marine organisms, focused on the conservation of marine biodiversity and its sustainable use in aquaculture.



  1. Biology and marine biodiversity preservation
  • Study of biological diversity and ecology of Sygnathidae fish, especially seahorses on Spanish coasts.
  • Study of the trophic ecology potential prey in wild populations of Syngnathidae through the stable isotopes analysis.
  • Genetic characterisation of wild populations of Sygnathidae, in collaboration with Acuigen group (University of Santiago de Compostela).
  • This group coordinates the Hippoparques Project (National Parks Autonomous Organism) for the study of distribution, habitat, spatial-temporal variability, genetic structure and trophic characteristic of Syngnathidae populations from the Atlantic Islands and Cabrera Archipelago National Parks.
  • The group coordinates Hippoeco Project (National Programme – Challenges) for the study of two factors potentially involved in the survival of seahorses in the field: food quality and food availability for the breeding individuals and availability of fixation elements in the transition from pelagic to demersal life.
  1. Marine fish culture
  • Captivity studies and experiments related to survival and growth in the initial development stages of marine fish of interest for aquaculture and biodiversity preservation.
  • Development of integral culture techniques of protected marine species, especially seahorses (Hippocampus).
  • Transfer of Sygnathidae rearing technology to industry and large aquariums.
  1. Integrated multitrophic aquaculture of finfish and macroalgae
    • Study of biology and physiology of Ulva species (sea lettuce) applied to the development of culture techniques.
    • Study of Ulva epiphytic microbiota and algae-bacteria interactions, aimed at applying probiotics in algal culture.
    • This group participates in the IntegRAS Project (National Programme – Challenges), coordinated by the Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC) and with the participation of researchers from IIM-CSIC and from the University of A Coruña. The project aims at optimizing design and handling techniques of finfish-macroalgae multitrophic aquaculture recirculation systems.




Miquel Planas Oliver


Phone: +34 986 231930 ext. 860160

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