The Service of Scientific Instrumentation and Quality of IIM (SICIM) is responsible for the maintenance and surveillance of the good use of the instruments and centre facilities for general use, including scientific instrumentation such as autoclaves, centrifuges, freeze-dryers, cryofreezers, muffle furnaces, installation of gases, etc., and the analytical instrumentation basically based on gas and liquid chromatography equipment with different kinds of detectors. Likewise, this service is responsible for elaborating the procedures and protocols of the high quality system, the training of new users, adjustment of analytical methodologies and purchase of equipment for general use.


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The SICIM working team collaborates in the different IIM-CSIC areas of research through the development, adjustment and maintenance of instrumentation and techniques that improve the different fields of research, techniques and scientific dissemination.

Among the most important tasks that are carried out in SICIM, we can highlight the following:

Quality at IIM

Preparation of general purpose protocols

Preparation of laboratory workbooks

Group assistance

  Instrumentations and Facilities of General Use Management Service


Muffle furnaces

Distilled and ultrafiltered water supply

Supply of cryogenic gases and liquids of general Installation


Cold storage

Freeze-drying equipment

Deep-freezing and sample storage equipment

Labelling and management of new inventory material

Collection of hazardous waste management




Analytical instrumentation service:

Management of general use equipment: high performance liquid and gas chromatography (GC) with different kind of detectors

Management of the equipment for use restricted to groups: GC; GC-MS; HPLC y UPLC

Analytical determinations




Advisory service

Set-up of analytical techniques

Material purchase: chanelling of comercial information

Localisation of material and laboratory reagents for shared use

Staff training



We recommend IIM newcomers to contact this service if they have to use any general infrastructures that are not directly managed by their research group. We will be pleased to inform them about their correct use or handling.



Contact in room 303

Ana María García Blanco


Phone: 986 23 19 30 ext. 860320

Carmen Piñeiro González


Phone: 986 23 19 30 ext. 860322


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