The Marine Research Institute has a maintenance unit which is responsible for carrying out small repairs and for the good operation of the centre facilities.



The ultimate aim of the Maintenance service is to manage and prevent possible breakdowns that might interfere with the good operation of IIM.

Among the tasks that are carried out by the Maintenance service, we can highlight the following:

  • Management of the electrical installation: SAI, installation of new connections and maintenance of the existing ones. Heating
  • Management of water pipes. Plumbing
  • Computer telephone/networks (wiring) installation/maintenance
  • Installation of distilled water (filters, resin bullets, heads, Millipore equipment, pipes…)
  • Maintenance of air conditioning equipment
  • Mechanical maintenance of laboratory instrumentation and Aquariums
  • Maintenance of cold storages (compressors, fans, radiators, lamination valves, thermostats…)
  • Maintenance of office and laboratory furniture (locks, carpentry…)
  • Fleet of vehicles (periodic checks, repairs, Technical Inspection of Vehicles)
  • Waste management (batteries, toner, ink cartridges, fluorescent tubes, damaged material…)
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