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In spite of its abundance, importance in the biogeochemical cycles, and sensitivity to the global change, our knowledge of the composition, molecular structure and reactivity of the dissolved organic matter (DOM) in oceans is still deficient. In order to reduce this knowledge gap we isolated DOM through ultrafiltration and extraction in solid phase, we analysed its optical, isotopic and structural properties (RMN and ICP-MS) and traced its alteration by photochemical and microbiological processes.

Furthermore, in close collaboration with the “Ecophysiology, Biomarkers and Sustainable Management of Bivalve Molluscs” and “Ecology and Marine Resources” groups from the Marine Research Institute, we have studied the relationship between the environmental conditions and the seafood resources in Galician coasts providing an ecosystem approach to intensive aquaculture, shellfish production and artisanal fishing.




The group works basically in two areas of research. On the one hand, in the composition, molecular structure and reactivity of dissolved organic matter in an ocean that is subject to global change and, on the other hand, in supporting the study of the relationships between environmental conditions and seafood resources produced in Galician coasts.



Xosé Antón Álvarez Salgado


Phone: +34 986 231930 ext. 860369

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