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Based on a multidisciplinary approach, grounded in physical, chemical and biological oceanography we address the observation, experimentation and modelling of the evidence and impact of the warming, acidification, fertilisation and de-oxygenation of marine ecosystems treating them as responses to global change.

Our efforts are focused on:

  1. The mesoscale circulation in coastal upwelling systems, especially the Canary Current/Iberian Upwelling System, and its impact on the biological and geochemical processes.
  2. The thermohaline and chemical evolution of oceanic water masses.
  3. The dissolution of anthropogenic CO2 excess accumulated in the atmosphere and its consequences
  4. The pelagic and benthic regeneration processes and the sediment-water column exchange
  5. The structure, composition and dynamics of microbial communities in an ocean undergoing Global Change.




The study of the biological and geochemical processes in the sea, the exchanges with the atmosphere, sediments and continents and the human impacts on the environment and Climate Change. Monitoring and modelling on different scales how the variability of oceanic processes is reflected and affects Global Change in the Iberian NW margin and its surrounding ocean.

  1. Physical, biological and geochemical processes in upwelling systems
  2. Phytoplankton: biological and biochemical characterisation. Phytoplankton toxins
  3. Water mass CO2 transport and CO2 in Atlantic Ocean: Variability and Global Change
  4. Biogeochemical cycles in coastal systems: atmosphere-ocean-earth exchange






Francisco Gómez Figueiras


Phone: +34 986 231930 ext. 860372

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