Job Offer #IIM-2019-3A

The Institute of Marine Research offers 7 Master thesis grants to promote scholarly research in marine sciences by students already enrolled in a Master programme at any European University.

Each fellowship will be funded with a monthly stipend of 800€ up to a total of 4,800 € (6 months).

These scholarships are focused to master students interested in starting a research career, making possible the realization of a period of fellowship in one of the research groups that develop their work in the Institute of Marine Research (IIM) of the Spanish National Research council (CSIC), according to specific thesis topics.

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Job Offer #IIM-2019-2

Looking for: experienced candidates in Mass Spectrometry to qualify for a Predoctoral Research Training Contract.

Requirements: Graduated in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy or equivalent, who have ended their studies after 1st January 2016.

Interested: Send Curriculum Vitae and academic record to Isabel Medina

Job Offer #IIM-2019-1 (Ended)

The Institute of Marine Research offers two PhD opportiunities as part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network “SEACHANGES: Thresholds in Human Exploitation of Marine Vertebrates.

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Hindcasting to forecast. An archaeobiological approach to the European hake fisheries (ESR10)
Current and historical threats to dolphins in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean (ESR11)

Deadline: June 30th