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  • Reference: PID2019-111261GB-I00

PROJECT TEC-RISK: Metales Críticos para las Nuevas Tecnologías en Sistemas Costeros: Concentraciones, Biodisponibilidad, Transferencia Trófica y Evaluación de Riesgo

Main Researcher: Cobelo García, Antonio

Financing Organism: MINECO

Financiace: 101.000 €

Start: 01/06/2020 End: 31/05/2023

  • PROJECT: Current environmental status due to the presence of trace elements, nutrients and organic matter in the Ulla river and its estuary.

Main Research: Ricardo Prego

Financing Organism: Cobre San Rafael

Finance: 57.000 €

Period: 2018 – 2019

  • Reference: COST ACTION TD1407    

PROJECT NOTICE: Network on Technology-Critical Elements – from Environmental Processes to Human Health Threats.


Financing Organism: UE

Finance: 205.171,50 €

Start: 15/04/2015  End: 14/04/2019