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  • Reference: 201730E020         

PROJECT MODMED: Elementary, optical and molecular characterisation of dissolved organic matter in the Mediterranean Sea and Northeastern Atlantic.

Main Research: Álvarez Salgado, X.A.

Financing Organism: CSIC

Finance: 10.600 €

Start: 01/01/2017  End: 31/12/2017

  • Reference: 20164545                         

CONTRACT: Determination of the causes of the decrease of the banks of Cadelucha. Natural and anthropogenic conditions.

Main Researcher:  Álvarez Salgado, X.A.

Financing Organism:  Xunta de Galicia

Finance: 14.520 €.

Start: 01/06/2016  End: 31/05/2019

  • Reference: 677039         

PROJECT CLIMEFISH: Co-creating a decision support framework to ensure sustainable fish production in Europe under climate change.

Main Researcher: Álvarez Salgado, X.A.

Financing Organism: UE

Finance: 271.962,50 €

Start: 01/04/2016  End: 31/03/2020

  • Reference: CTM2015-69392-C3-2-R          

PROJECT FLUXES-SP3: Carbon fluxes in a coastal upwelling system (Cape Blanc, NW Africa): elementary, optical, isotopic and molecular characterisation.

Main Researcher: Álvarez Salgado, X.A.

Financing Organism: MINECO (FEDER)

Finance: 120.000,00 €

Start: 01/01/2016  End: 31/12/2018

  • Referencia: CTM2014-57334-JIN       

PROJECT FERMIO: Featuring organic matter environmental roles by means of molecular, isotopic and optical properties in aquatic ecosystems.

Main Researcher: Nieto Cid, M.

Financing Organism: MINECO (FEDER)

Finance: 112.000,00 €

Start: 01/01/2015  End: 31/12/2017


  • Reference: 20134466                        

    CONTRACT: Study of the natural banks of coquina: problems of their disappearance in Galicia and recovery attempt.

    Main Researcher:  Álvarez Salgado, X.A.

    Financing Organism:  Xunta de Galicia

    Finance: 17.892 €.

    Start: 01/06/2013  End: 31/05/2016

  • PROJECT HOTMIX: Blending areas and fronts in the dark ocean as biodiversity hot spots and biogeochemical flows through the Mediterranean Sea and Northeast Atlantic-II.

    Main Research: Álvarez Salgado, X.A.

    Finance: 200.000€

    Start: 01/01/2012 End: 31/12/2014

  • Reference:  10MMA604024PR                                        

PROJECT BIOPROF: Functional biodiversity of microplankton in the marine depths of Galicia

Coordinator: M. Varela  

Main Research: Nieto Cid, M.

Financing Organism: Xunta de Galicia

Finance: 70.233,95 €

Start: 15/12/2010  End: 30/09/2013 

  • Reference: 201030E130                                                                              

PROJECT FOMEM: Photochemical and microbiological reactivity of dissolved organic matter in relation to its chemical composition and molecular structure.

Main Research: Álvarez Salgado, X.A.

Financing Organism:  CSIC

Finance: 105.521,79 €

Start: 01/10/2010  End: 30/09/2015

  • Reference: CSD2008–00077                                   

PROJECT MALASPINA 2010: Circumnavigation expedition Malaspina 2010: global change and exploration.

Coordinator: C.M. Duarte

Main Researcher: Álvarez Salgado, X.A.

Financing Organism: MICINN

Finance: 54.897,00 €.

Start: 15/12/2008  End: 14/12/2014


  • Reference:  CTM2011–30155–C03–03                      

PROJECT CASGASS: Catch rate standardisation of fin-fishes targeted by the Galician (NW Spain) small-scale fishery.

Main Researcher: A. Alonso-Fernández

Financing Organism: ICES

Finance: 6.500 €

Start: 01/05/2014 End: 30/04/15

  • Reference:  CTM2011–30155–C03–03                                   

PROJECT REIMAGE: Response of coastal ecosystems to allochthonous contributions of matter in the context of anthropogenic global environmental change.

Main Researcher: E. Fernández (UVigo) and F.G. Figueiras

Finance: 261.360 €.

Start: 01/01/2012 End: 31/12/2015

  • Reference:  09MMA038E                                  

RESEARCH CONTRACT: Mussel. Ecological sustainability and yield optimization.

Main Researcher: U. Labarta.

Financing Organism: PROINSA S.A.

Finance: 270.000 €.

Start: 01/12/2009 End: 31/10/2015

      PROJECT ESSMA: Ecological Sustainability of Suspended Mussel Aquaculture.

Main Researcher: M.J. Fernandez–Reiriz

Financing Organism: MINECO

Finance: 125.000 €

Start: 01/10/2009  End: 31/08/2013

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