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  • Referencia: AGL2017-89475-C2-1-R

PROJECT OCTOMICs. Aquaculture of octopus: to a successful production by means of the interaction of studies nutrigenómics and epigenétics .


Financing Organism: MINECO

Finance: 120.000,00 €

Start: 01/01/2018  End: 31/12/2020

  • Referencia: AGL2017-89648-P

PROJECT FISH-RECAP. A genome for two corporal designs:studies of functional genomics and transcriptoma to level of complete genome to comprise the genetic bases of the metamorphosis in fish.


Financing Organism: MINECO

Finance: 165.000,00 €

Start: 01/01/2018  End: 31/12/2021

  • Referencia: AGL2017-89648-P

PROJECT RESISGAL. Ostreid herpesvirus 1: Genetic selection of resistant strains and environmental interaction in the atlantic coast of Spain (Galicia).

Main Researcher: GESTAL MATEO, MARIA DEL CAMINO (Supervisora) y PRADO ALVAREZ, MARIA (Bolseira)

Financing Organism: UE

Finance: 170.122,00 €

Start: 01/09/2015  End: 27/02/2019

  • Referencia: AGL2014-52473-R 
  • PROJECT PhosFishFarm. Identification and characterisation of a new neuropéptido involved in the homeostasis of the phosphate. A key element for the sustainability of the intensive crop of fish.

    Main Researcher: ROTLLANT MORAGAS, JOSEP

    Financing Organism: MINECO (FEDER)

    Finance: 175.000,00 €

    Start: 01/01/2015  End: 31/06/2018

  • Referencia: AGL2013-49101-C2-2-R  
  • PROJECT OCTOWELF. Welfare and health in the first phases of life of the common octopus ( Octopus vulgaris). Effect of the nutrition and environmental factors. Biomarkers and regulation epigenetic.

    IMain Researcher: GESTAL MATEO, CAMINO

    Financing Organism: MINECO (FEDER)

    Finance: 114.000,00 €

    Start: 01/01/2014  End: 30/06/2018