Staff Publications Projects and contracts Thesis
  • Reference: 20184653
    • PRIVATE CONTRACT of technological support: Production of enzymatic hydrolysates of solids and aqueous effluents generated during the extraction of oil from tuna heads.
    • Main researcher: Vázquez Álvarez, Xosé Antón
    • Financing company: Jealsa Rianxeira S.A.U.
    • Financing: 16.000,00 €
    • Start: 07/09/2018 End: 31/12/2018

  • Reference: 773330

PROJECT GAIN: Green Aquaculture Intensification in Europe

Main Researcher: Vázquez Álvarez, Xose Antón and González Sotelo, Carmen

Financing Organism: UE

Finance: 265.831,83 €

  • Reference: EAPA_151/2016

PROJECTO BLUEHUMAN: BLUE biotechnology as a road for innovation on HUMAN’s health aiming smart growth in Atlantic Area

Main Researcher: Pérez Martín, Ricardo and Vázquez Álvarez, Xose Antón

Financing Organism: UE

Finance: 150.000 €

Start: 01/01/2018 End: 31/12/2020


  • Reference: 0245_IBEROS_1_E  

PROJECT IBEROS: Institute of Bioengineering in Network for Healthy Aging

Main Researcher: Vázquez Álvarez, Xosé A. y Pérez Martín, Ricardo

Financing Organism: UE

Finance: 191.938,5 €

Start: 01/10/2015 End: 30/09/2019


  • Reference: 0302_CVMAR_I_1_P   

PROJECT CVMar+i: Industrial innovation through specific collaborations between companies and research centers in the context of marine biotechnological valorization

Main Researcher: Pérez Martín, Ricardo y Vázquez Álvarez, Xosé A.

Financing Organism: UE

Finance: 325.508,97 €

Start: 01/10/2015 End: 31/12/2019