Currently, the DNA Sequencing Service has various types of scientific equipment that permit different kinds of DNA analysis.


Equipment of this service:

 DNA Amplification

ABI 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR

GeneAmp PCR System 9700

2720 Thermal Cycler

Veriti Thermal Cycler




DNA Sequencing:

Applied Biosystems® ABI310 Genetic Analyser

ION Personal Genome Machine (PGM®) System of Life Technologies







This service enables identification of species (fish, molluscs, microalgae, etc…), using molecular markers such as Cytochrome Oxidase I, Cytochrome B, the control region, 16S DNA, among others. The Service of DNA Sequencing is oriented towards companies and public and private organisms that want to perform different kinds of DNA analysis, and it is particularly specialised in those analysis related to the quality control of food.


Providing tools for DNA analysis that enable laboratories and companies to carry out occasional or continuous studies for which the DNA analysis is essential.



Carmen Gonzaléz Sotelo 


Phone: 986 231930 ext. 860300

If you wish to carry out this type of analysis, please follow the instructions on the attached document Sample request(.doc)


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