The Food Biochemistry group of the Institute of marine research group has among its objectives the development and application of analytical tools that allow for the identification and quantification of marine organisms, using markers molecular genetic. For this purpose was created the Species Identification Service and DNA Sequencing in the IIM, which has been in operation since 2001 and specializes in the identification of marine organisms in foods, which has standardized protocols, although It also has ability to determine other species present in a wide variety of matrices. The service has also participated in various exercises round robin that have demonstrated the effectiveness of the service to carry out these analyses and the reliability of the methods used, and also devotes part of its efforts to the development of new techniques to be included in its range of analysis.

Species identification is carried out primarily by sequencing Sanger’s DNA, using different genetic markers such as Cytochrome Oxidase I, Cytochrome B, Region Control, 16S DNA, among others, using over 2000 sequences of own the service reference. The service also has capacity to carry out other types of analyses depending on the objective, such as PCR in real time and massive sequencing (NGS).

DNA sequencing service is available for entities, enterprises, public organizations and home users who want to perform different types of analysis of DNA, especially to those related to the sectors food, fishing, health (determination of species with health effects), control quality, traceability and authenticity (replacement of species), conservation of marine resources.

Equipment of the service:

DNA Amplification

Real-time thermocyclers: ABI 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR

Thermocyclers: GeneAmp PCR System 9700; 2720 ​​Thermal Cycler; Veriti Thermal Cycler







DNA sequencing:

Massive Sequencing: Ion Chef, Ion OT2 and Ion PGM (Life Technologies) 

Spectrophotometer: NanoDrop ND-2000

Gel display systems: GelDoc Biorad

Centrifugation systems: Avanti J-25 Beckman





Types of samples that we analyze: 

  • Fabrics fresh, frozen or preserved in ethanol.
  • Any type of food, fresh or processed.
  • Environmental samples (consult)
  • Other matrices (consult)
  • DNA extracts
  • PCR products

Some of our users:

  • Gobierno de Cantabria
  • Agencia Catalana de Consum
  • Junta de Andalucia
  • Xenotechs laboratorios
  • Instituto Español de Oceanografía
  • AZTI-tecnalia
  • Grupo de Estudo do Medio Mariño (GEMM)
  • CSIC


SERVICES AND RATES (prices per sample without VAT)


Service Rates for IIM-CSIC groups Rates for public entity Rates for private entity
Identification of species from tissue, food or other matrices by Sanger sequencing and comparison with IIM reference sequences and / or public databases  50 100 120
Sanger sequencing from tissue, food or other matrices


20 50 60
DNA extraction from tissue, food or other matrice
5 6 8
DNA analysis sequence and identification of the species with reference samples from the IIM and / or with public databases. 25 50 60
NGS Sequencing: Metagenómica 16S for the identification of bacteria and microalgae. According to budget According to budget According to budget
Identification of merlucid species by real-time PCR. According to budget According to budget According to budget
Quantification of nucleic acids with NanoDrop 2000. 0.20 0.60 0.80
Other services Request Request Request


*Discounts from 10 samples or for analysis continued in time (request). Failed samples will be repeated once at no cost to the user to rule out a procedural error. The remaining samples will be kept for 2 weeks and will be returned if requested by the user.



  1. Service request form
  2. Instructions for sending samples by mail
  3. List of reference species of the Service



Carmen Gonzaléz Sotelo and Amaya Velasco Herrero


Phone: 986 231930 ext. 860326




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