The Marine Research Institute has an aquarium service (SACUIM), made up of five members of staff who are specialised in the care and welfare of marine experimental organisms. The facilities of IIM aquarium are situated in the annex building and occupy a surface of 300 m2. They are divided into several separate rooms and properly equipped with walls and floors suitable for working with water. All the rooms have a fresh water supply, hot and cold sea water (filtered until 10 μM) and raw water (filtered until 50 μM), filtered air conditioning and a system to collect spills. It also has a pre-treatment of residual waters with ozone which fulfils the limits established by the regulations.

In the SACUIM we work with fish and molluscs species such as those belonging to the genus Hippocampus (seahorses), zebrafish, cephalopods, turbot and mussels. Likewise, it has the necessary infrastructure to culture and store phytoplankton and zooplankton species that are used as food for the fish and molluscs.

The SACUIM facilities of the IIM are considered a centre of animal experimentation, breeding and use complying with the REGA code ES360570202001 and have been recently subjected to a refurbishment and modernisation co-financed by FEDER funds (CSIC13-1E-2049 2012-2013), for technological and scientific facilities.


  • Assist the researchers of the IIM-CSIC in their procedures with experimental animals in accordance with the internal (OEBA) and corresponding external regulations. Any person who uses Experimental Animals must have the proper training according to RD 53/2013 “Applicable basic rules for the protection of animals used in experimentation and other scientific purposes, including teaching”, and Directive 296/2008. Likewise, they must have obtained the homologation of their training in accordance with Order ECC/566/2015, which establishes the training requirements that must be met by personnel handling animals used, reared or supplied for experimentation and other scientific purposes, including teaching. Taking into account the training of the aquarium personnel in animal experimentation (functions a, b, c, d and e), they are perfectly qualified to advise on the technical part of the procedures to be followed in the handling of laboratory animals.
  • Maintain the technical infrastructure of aquarium systems such as pumps, blowers, filters, UV lamps, perlon cleaning, lighting, air conditioning, etc., in coordination with IIM maintenance service.
  • To count the additions and losses of animals and procedures carried out: number of individuals and species to which they belong, entries and exits, births, dead, treatments administered, etc.




Rubén Chamorro Valverde


Phone: +34 986231930 ext. 860199

IIM service of IIM Aquarium:

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