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One of the aims of this group is to demonstrate the viability of an environmentally sustainable fishery sector. This is achieved through the implementation, both in processing and manufacturing industries of fish products on land and in specific fishing fleets, of technologies for biomass reduction and management of fisheries discards and by-products. Later that biomass will be valorised for the development of new high added value products that may be relevant for several industries: pharmacology, cosmetics, biomedicine, food, etc

The other main aim of this group is to develop analytical tools to allow the identification and quantification of marine organisms by means of genetic molecular markers. This group has developed different applications among which we can highlight the control of traceability and labelling of fishing products, the quantification of food ingredients and the identification and quantification of larvae of bivalve molluscs in environmental samples.






The work that has been developed in Food Biochemistry group is focused in three areas of research:

  1. Development and application of molecular biology methodologies based in analysis of DNA for the identification and quantification of marine species. Genetic control of traceability and labelling, detection of species in environmental samples.
  2. Development of “in vitro” bioactivity tests for marine biomolecules using cell lines and specific gene expression tests.
  3. Development of processes that allow the extraction of useful components of industrial interest from discards and fisheries by-products, both on board in different kinds of fishing fleets and on land. Biochemical characterisation of those useful components present in different kinds of fisheries products and by-products such as skin collagen, visceral enzymes, chondroitin sulphate present in cartilage, chitin from crustacean shells and cuttlebone, or protein hydrolysates obtained from muscle. Evaluation of application possibilities of those compounds, through the characterisation of their biological activities (antioxidant, etc.) and functional properties for utilisation in different industries, such as biomedical, chemistry, cosmetic, food, etc.





  Carmen González Sotelo


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Ricardo I. Pérez Martín


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