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a) Preserving quality and extending shelf-life in fisheries and aquaculture products through the improvement of technological processing and preservation methods: Study of degradation mechanisms of food components with the purpose of developing strategies to minimise these modifications.

b) Biomarkers for quality and origin control based on advanced Proteomics and Lipidomics technologies in aquaculture and fisheries products.

c) Application of proteomic techniques in control and identification of pathogenic microorganisms, fish parasites and allergen proteins.

d) Contribution to the knowledge of mechanisms involved in bioactivity and the beneficial effects of consumption of marine products on health.

e) Application and design of innovative and advanced technologies to improve the quality and extend the shelf-life of aquaculture products.





  1. Chemistry and biochemistry of marine food products and food changes during their preservation and processing.
  2. Establishment of quality, safety and origin control biomarkers.
  3. Design of diets in aquaculture.
  4. Effects of marine food constituents on health: Study through lipidomic, metabolomic and proteomic tools.
  5. Application of new and advanced technological processes: Effect on quality, safety and sensory acceptance of marine products.



  Isabel Medina Méndez   


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Santiago Aubourg Martínez   


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