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  • Ecology of cephalopod paralarvae in a seasonal upwelling system

Author: Lorena Olmos Pérez

Director: A.F. Gónzalez and Álvaro Roura

Place: University of Vigo

Date: January 2018

  • Ecología del pulpo blanco Eledone cirrhosa (Lamarck, 1798) en un área de afloramiento costero.

Author: Marcos Regueira Fernández

Director: A.F González and Amadeo Soares

Place: University of Aveiro (Portugal)

Date: June 2017 

  • A multidisciplinary approach to tackle the problem of the zoonotic parasite Anisakis in fish

Author: Miguel Bao Domínguez

Director: G. J. Pierce and S. Pascual

Place: University of Aberdeen

Date: June 2017 

  • Understanding cetacean and fisheries interactions in the north-west Iberian Peninsula

Author: Fiona Read

Director: G. J. Pierce and A.F González

Place: University of Vigo

Date: February 2016

  • Sanitary control of muscular parasites in NE Atlantic fishes

Author: María Llarena Reyno

Director: Pascual S. and Vingada J.

Place: Biology Faculty. University of Aveiro

Date: May 2015

Qualification: Distinction Cum laude

  • Ecology of the Octopus vulgaris (Cuvier, 1797) in the Atlantic Iberian coast: Life cycle strategies under different oceanographic regimes

Author: Silvia Lourenço

Director: González A.F., Narciso L., Pereira J.

Place: Science Faculty. University of Lisboa

Date: February 2015

Qualification: Distinction Cum laude

  • Symbionts in mesozooplankton communities from NE Atlantic Ocean: ecology and recruitment of parasites to the marine trophic web

Author: María Gregori  Casamaior

Director: A. F. González, S. Pascual

Place: University of Alicante

Date: July 2014

Qualification: Distinction Cum laude

  • Ecology of planktonic cephalopod paralarvae in coastal upwelling systems

Author: Álvaro Roura Labiaga

Director: A. F. González, A. Guerra

Place: University of Vigo

Date: April 2013

Qualification: Distinction Cum laude

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