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  • Contributions to mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of biofilms

Author: Alejandro López Núñez

Director: Eva Balsa Canto (IIM-CSIC) y Carlos Vázquez Cendón (UDC)

Place: Universidad de A Coruña

Date: July 2018

  • Optimization in computational systems biology via high performance computing techniques

Author: David Rodríguez Penas

Director: J. Rodríguez Banga

Place: University of A Coruña

Date: June 2017 

  • Model Analysis and Parameter Estimation in Biochemical Reaction Networks

Author: Attila Gábor

Director: J. Rodríguez Banga

Place: University of Pannonia

Date: April 2017  

  • Network Inference for Logic-Based Ordinary Differential Equations

Author: David Saque Henriques

Director: J. Rodríguez Banga

Place: University of Minho

Date: December 2016

  • Caracterización numérica de la dinámica espacio-temporal de biopelículas bacterianas de Listeria monocytogenes

Author: Maruxa Mosquera Fernández

Director:  Cabo M.L. and Balsa Canto E.

Place: University of Vigo

Date: November 2016


  • Model identification and on-line implementation of optimal operation policies in thermal food processes.

Author: Ana I. Arias Méndez

Dirección: E. Balsa Canto and A.A. Alonso

Place: University of Vigo

Date: January 2015

Qualification: Distinction Cum laude

  • Operational models for real time applications of nonlinear and moving boundary process distributed systems.

Author: Estefanía López Quiroga

Director: Antonio Álvarez Alonso

Place: University of Vigo

Date: July 2014

Qualification: Distinction Cum laude


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