Staff Publications Projects and contracts Thesis

  • Neural regulation of bone mineral homeostasis: new insights from fish

Author: Paula Suárez Bregua

Direction: Josep Rotllant Moragas

Place: University of Vigo (Uvigo)

Date: July 2017 

  • Fish Pigmentation: Functional And Evolutionary Characterization Of The Agouti Locus

Author: Laura Cal Delgado

Direction: Josep Rotllant Moragas 

Place: University of Vigo (Uvigo)

Date: July 2017 

  • Sparc (osteonectin). New insight into the function and regulation.

Author: Eva Torres Núñez

Director: Josep Rotllant Moragas

Place: University Autónoma de Barcelona

Date: February 2014

Qualification: Distinction Cum laude

  • Coccidiosis and molecular basis of the immune response of common octopus Octopus vulgaris.

Author: Sheila Castellanos Martínez

Director: Camino Gestal Mateo

Place: University of Vigo

Date: June 2013

Qualification: Distinction Cum laude