The Scientific-Technical Support Unit (UACT) aims to provide a greater level coordination, operability and visibility to the research support resources offered by the Institute of Marine Research.

The UACT, coordination and cooperation for excellent research

This unit includes a total of 16 laboratories whose mission is to provide scientific and technical advice and services to the Institute’s research groups, as well as to public and private organizations that request it.

The laboratories have personnel specialized in the techniques offered and instrumentation adapted to the latest technologies and in a continuous process of renewal.

All activities are carried out by our work team in accordance with current Occupational Safety and Prevention regulations.

The functions of this unit are:

  • To support and coordinate the scientific-technical research needs in the different departments of the IIM, as well as in other public or private organizations.
  • To develop the methodological research & experimental techniques necessary to improve and expand services.
  • To advise the scientific community and companies in the sector in everything related to their scope of action.
  • To offer training to researchers and technicians on the techniques implemented in laboratories so that they can make the most of the potential of the available infrastructures.


Lucía Sánchez Ruiloba

Tel.: 986 23 19 30 ext. 860101