The Chromatography & Advanced Omics service is mainly focused on analytical determinations by means of chromatographic techniques, recently trying to include methodologies under the umbrella of proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics.

The service has a chromatographic staff made up of five HPLC equipment with UV-VIS detectors, fluorescence, IR, Light Scatering and mass spectrometry. Likewise, four other gas chromatography equipment with detection by FID, MS with Purgue and Trap system and MS with head space are handled.


  • Carry out maintenance and fine-tuning of general-purpose chromatographic equipment.
  • Carry out different chromatographic determinations of metabolites and compounds such as fatty acid and hydrocarbon methyl esters by GC-MS, nucleotides and amines in acid extracts of fishery products by HPLC, polysaccharides and compounds obtained by recovery of fishery by-products by HPLC with detection by IR, Light Scatering, etc.
  • Assistance to groups that request it for the determination of compounds by means of chromatographic techniques.



Carmen Piñeiro González


Phone: 986 23 19 30 ext. 860322



Ana María García Blanco


Phone: 986 23 19 30 ext. 860320




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