The Genomics and Bioinformatics Analyses service aims to increase the knowledge about transcriptomics and proteomics of the immune response of fish and molluscs against pathogens.

In addition, it works to identify genes that can be used as markers in genetic selection processes and improve the immune response through the use of immunostimulants and vaccines. We also support researchers in the analyses and interpretation of data obtained through experimental mass sequencing techniques.



The team gathers all necessary equipment, as well as specialized personnel, to carry out the services offered. Anyone interested may contact the person in charge of the service to determine the conditions and type of sample to be analysed. The contact details can be found below.


  • Molecular biology | Amplification of genetic material (qPCR)

The service offers assistance for research in molecular biology, both from the scientific point of view and from the technical point of view.

  • Bioinformatic Analyses | Analytical services for the analysis of differential expression of genes by qPCR. Genomes. Transcriptomes. Identification and annotation. Differential gene expression (RNA-seq, microarrays).

The service offers bioinformatic analyses of the sequences obtained using NGS techniques (assembly of genomes and transcriptomes, annotation, quality control and sequence filtering, quantification of the gene expression of each sample, analyses differential expression between the study samples and phylogenetic analysis among others).



Beatriz Novoa García

(+34) 986 231930 ext. 860286





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