The staff of the Scientific Instrumentation & Quality service make up a work team that collaborates in the different lines of research of the IIM-CSIC with the development, tuning and maintenance of tools and techniques that improve the different fields of science, technology and scientific dissemination.



To provide a quality & support service for the different research groups that make up the IIM, in the development of its research activity that results in the improvement of its effectiveness, efficiency and economy.


  • Teamwork for the common good, sharing time, resources and knowledge.
  • Example of ethical conduct, absolute respect for our people and organisation.
  • We put our utmost effort into meeting the needs of our users and the IIM-CSIC.
  • Professionalism of the staff that integrates our service for the best achievement of the aims entrusted to us.
  • Full respect for the environment and staff health & safety, by complying with and helping to comply with the Occupational Risk Prevention legislation.

This service could well be called Instrumentation, Ethics and Quality due to the diverse objectives it contemplates. It is responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of the proper use of instrumental material and general facilities of the centre. The service is also responsible for developing the procedures and protocols of IIM’s quality system and serve as physical and documentary support for activities related to Prevention, Biosafety and Animal Experimentation.


  • Manage the use and operation of all commonly used IIM-CSIC instrumentation. Included in this section are autoclaves, muffles, distilled and ultrafiltered water supply, general installation gas supply, thermal disinfection systems, cold storage chambers, cryo-freezers, freeze-drying equipment, etc.
  • To supervise the management of the inventory of the centre and the incorporation of new inventariable material to CSIC Patrimony database, elaborating specifications of technical conditions for the acquisition of equipment.
  • To assist the Technical Deputy Director in the management of the Prevention of Occupational Risks and Toxic and Hazardous Waste.
  • To serve as support for the Technical Deputy Director in matters relating to Biosafety and Animal Experimentation, acting as secretary of the corresponding committees.
  • To assist the Management and the Technical Deputy Director in the elaboration of quality protocols and procedures, assistance to the research groups in these tasks and drafting of the Quality Plan of the IIM-CSIC.



Ana María García Blanco

986 23 19 30 ext. 860320

Carmen Piñeiro González

986 23 19 30 ext. 860322

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