Optical microscopy is a fundamental technique for the study of cellular and molecular biology since it allows knowing the morphology of cells, the structure of tissues, the location of certain molecules and the development of biological processes, minimally affecting structural characteristics of the samples.




The service of optical microscopy and image analysis of the IIM (SEMAIM) provides technical support and training to users in techniques and handling of microscopy equipment. In addition, it carries out the acquisition and processing of the images obtained through this equipment or other devices.

The tasks performed by the service are the following:

  • General maintenance of optical microscopy equipment (cleaning, periodic review, basic adjustments, etc.).
  • Training, technical support and advice to users who request it.
  • Acquisition and processing of images.
  • Analysis of images, both microscopy and obtained through any other device.
  • Depending on the demand and the time available, the service can collaborate in the realization of figures (always based on images), for scientific articles and presentations at congresses.

Users can contact the service staff via telephone or email and fill in the corresponding service request form: Download service request form (.doc)



Lucia Sánchez Ruiloba

email: lsanchez@iim.csic.es

Phone: 986 231930 ext. 860101

Hours of service to users: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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