This unit has been created in response to the need of some research groups to carry out various external tasks that require the availability of skilled staff. Likewise, this unit aims to rigorously enforce the Labour Risk Prevention law of diving activities. Furthermore, it aims to offer a service of acquisition and edition of images with research, teaching and dissemination purposes.





Give support to the IIM-CSIC research groups in the following areas:

  • Scientific diving sampling fulfilling the regulation of the diving activities.
  • Flora and fauna sample collection in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Underwater and terrestrial photography and filming.
  • Preparation and edition of image archives for research and education of the IIM staff.
  • Assistance with deployment and recovery of scientific instruments for ocean measuring and monitoring.
  • Supervision of all diving activities and diving staff of the IIM-CSIC. This includes the management of diving material, diving licences, staff files and dive trips of the IIM divers according to legal and institutional regulations. Maintenance of diving equipment.
  • Management of sampling and boat rental when needed.
  • Coordination of collaborations with other diving services of other national and international centres.
  • Collaboration with the Aquariums service of the IIM (SACUIM) in those activities aimed to improve the welfare of experimental animals.



To use this service the researcher in charge of the project must fill in and sign the forms of “Service Request”: Download service request (.doc)

Contact in room 403


Manuel García Blanco (Garci)


Phone: 986 231930 Ext. 860354

Service request:

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