Within the framework of the EU Marco programmes, researchers from the Marine Research Institute (CSIC) have developed and currently manage the first European biobank of samples and parasite marine molecules of biotechnological interest for diagnostic, therapeutic and research purposes.

The concept of Biobank is a clear example of open innovation whose management system was moved from a clinical to a non-hospital environment, in this case to a marine environment. It is necessary to differentiate clearly between the Biobank as opposed to a repository. The aim of the Biobank is not simply to store, but to share using quality criteria. The philosophy of the Biobank is to control the donation/cession pathway of samples, and provide laboratory infrastructure that confers quality, order, destiny and traceability of these samples, which is necessary during their preparation, storage, preservation and transport.

From 2016 the services of this Platform are normalised according to ISO 9001 quality standard.




The ultimate objective is the implementation of a Platform to manage samples and their associated data to support transversal research in the marine field, not only to ensure the access to a service of samples/biomolecules with a high standard of quality, but also to become a model of industrial action for public research and for technology-based companies.



Ángel Francisco González González, Director de la UTB

email: afg@iim.csic.es

Santiago Pascual del Hierro, Strategic Development Manager

email: spascual@iim.csic.es

Andrea Ramilo Álvarez, Quality Manager

email: andrearamilo@iim.csic.es

Helena Rodríguez Domínguez, Samples, Traceability and Software Manager

email: helenard@iim.csic.es

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