Integrated and Multidisciplinary
Marine Research

Research vessel Mytilus.
IIM experimental aquaria: Phytoplankton cultures.
Scientific journals at the IIM library.
Tireless research (night view of the IIM) (Photo by Mar Nieto).

The Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas (IIM) was created by the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) in 1951 as a coastal laboratory depending on the Instituto de Investigaciones Pesqueras (Barcelona) with the aim of finding solutions to the specific problems of the fishing sector. In 1978 the laboratory became independent, under the name of “Instituto de Investigaciones Pesqueras de Vigo”. In 1986 the current name “Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas” (IIM) was adopted, more consistent with its present-day multidisciplinary marine research focus.

The IIM belongs to two of the scientific research areas of knowledge of CSIC: Natural Resources and Food Science and Technology. The IIM comprises four departments: Oceanography, Ecology and Marine Resources, Biotechnology and Aquaculture, and Food Technology.

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Mission of the IIM

  • Development of integrated and leading research, for improving our understanding of marine ecosystems and for advancing the scientific and technological status of the related productive sectors
  • Training young scientist and technicians, encouraging their incorporation in other entities, such as industry, administration, schools, etc.
  • Science dissemination to schools, decision makers and the general public
  • Technology transfer to industry
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