I am a marine ecologist interested in the role of marine organisms in the biogeochemical cycling of elements in the ocean, with a particular interest in the marine silicon cycle. I have a strong multidisciplinary background in biology, ecology and biogeochemistry, including animal physiology, functional ecology and biological oceanography. I work with benthic organisms that consume silicon to build their skeletons, my model organisms being sponges. After completing my PhD on the ecology and physiology of silicon consumption by marine sponges in 2018, I worked as a postdoc for the EU-H2020 SponGES project to determine the ecosystem functions and services of deep-sea sponge grounds of the North Atlantic Ocean. In 2019 I was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship of the Xunta de Galicia to conduct my project ARISE between LEMAR-IUEM (France) and IIM-CSIC (Spain), to assess the role of benthic organisms in the cycling of silicon in temperate coastal areas. I am an active member of the scientific network of SILICAMICS since its origin in 2015, and of the network of early career researchers of EuroMarine, OYSTER, since 2019.

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