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Oceanic & Coastal Systems

The ocean is a complex and ever-changing system. Modeling and predicting its evolution requires a high level of expertise and technological advancement. In turn, these capabilities allow our Institute to provide assessment and advice to industry sectors and policy-makers who ensure that social, economic and environmental uses of the ocean are achieved in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner.

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Marine Life & Ecosystems

The exploitation of marine living resources is an established and strategic sector for the European Blue Economy, especially in Galicia. At IIM, we provide fisheries and aquaculture industries with new approaches and innovative tools to make exploitation more profitable, sustainable and compliant with EU policies while providing solutions to improve the governance of related stakeholders.

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Biological Systems & Processes

There is a growing consumer demand for a circular and innovative industry that takes advantage of the current technology to provide new products to the market while making the most efficient use of our limited resources. The interdisciplinary nature of the IIM-CSIC allows us to collaborate with different sectors in the application of biotechnological innovations and the optimization of bioprocesses for improved food safety and quality and better human health.