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  • Gloria Sánchez Moragas; Mónica Carrera Mouriño; Esteban Abad Holgado; Ana Allende Prieto; Marta Fernández García; Pilar García Suárez; Belén Gómara Moreno; Marta López Cabo; Wenceslao Moreda Martino; Francisco Javier Moreno Andújar; Lourdes Ramos Rivero; Deni Vélez Pacios (2021) Chapter 7: Food Safety " White Paper 6: Sustainable Primary Production" Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
  • Kocot, A.M.; Wróblewska, B.; Cabo, M.L. (2021) Operational culture conditions determinate benzalkonium chloride resistance in L. monocytogenes-E. coli dual species biofilms International journal of food microbiology DOI:10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2021.109441
  • Valero, A.; Arroyo-López, F.N.; Cabo, M.L.; Chen, S.; Pérez-Díaz, I.M. (2021) Editorial: Vibrio Species in the Food Processing Chain Frontiers in Microbiology DOI:10.3389/fmicb.2021.796796
  • Méndez L; Barros L; Muñoz S; Medina I (2021) FTSC-Labeling Coupled with 2DE-LC¿MS/MS Analysis of Complex Protein Mixtures for Identification and Relative Quantification of Tissue Carbonylome " Shotgun Proteomics. Methods in Molecular Biology" Springer Nature / Springer ISBN:978-1-0716-1177-7
  • Cabo M.L; Romalde J; Simal J; Gago-Martínez A; Giráldez J; Bernárdez M; Pascual del Hierro S; Pousa A; Manaia C.M; Abreu J.; Rodríguez-Herrera (2020) Identification of Emerging Hazards in Mussels by the Galician Emerging Food Safety Risks Network (RISEGAL). A First Approach Foods DOI:10.3390/foods9111641
  • TFM - Andrea Arribas Jimeno (26/09/2022) Aplicabilidad de la tecnología de imágenes hiperespectrales (HSI) como método no invasivo para la evaluación de la calidad del pescado UNIVERSIDAD DE SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA
  • TFM - Aida Galán Veiga (17/02/2020) Riesgos microbiológicos emergentes en alimentos de origen marino en la Comunidad de Galicia. Una primera aproximación Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC)
  • TFM - María Guisantes Alonso (10/02/2020) Sociobiología de biofilms de Listeria monocytogenes Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC)
  • PhD - Pedro Rodríguez López (03/03/2017) Enzyme-Benzalkonium chloride combined strategies to remove Listeria monocytogenes mixed-species biofilms UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE BARCELONA
  • PhD - Maruxa Mosquera Fernández (02/11/2016) Caracterización numérica de la dinámica espacio-temporal de biopelículas bacterianas de Listeria monocytogenes Universidade de Vigo (UVIGO)
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  • Patent | Modified atmospheres for conservation of live bivalves in hermetic packaging

    Authors: Laura Pastoriza; Gabriel Sampedro Cedeira; Marta Bernárdez Costas; Marta López Cabo; Juan José Rodríguez Herrera

    The invention relates to a method of preserving live shellfish using a modified atmosphere that is rich in oxygen and contains a second main nitrogen component, so as to preserve live bivalve shellfish and safeguard their quality for as long as possible throughout the whole marketing and sale process. The commercial shellfish packaging must be full and well compacted, for which purpose units must be perfectly inserted during the filling operation using a vibrator so that bivalve shellfish cannot open their valves, thus losing intervalvar liquid, throughout the marketing process. The invention relates to the most popular bivalve on the market in terms of sales and price and, as a result, is of particular interest to the mussel industry. More detailed information can be obtained here.



  • Patent | Procedure for the extraction of hyaluronic acid from fish vitreous humor

    Authors: Miguel Anxo Murado; Maria Montemayor Castroviejo; Marta López Cabo; Maria del Pilar Gonzalez Fernández; Laura Pastoriza Enriquez

    Technique for the preparation of hyaluronic acid (AH) based on fish vitreous humor for its use in cosmetics and clinical work. The process comprises protein electrodeposition and simultaneous diafiltration with total recirculation. This procedure allows for selective recovery of impure sediments, precipitation of AH and solubilization of proteins, yielding AH with purity over 99.5%. More detailed information can be found here.



  • Patent | An optimal operation for nisin production

    Authors:  Marta López Cabo; Miguel Anxo Murado García; M P Gonzalez Fernández; Laura Pastoriza Enriquez; Juan Jose Rodriguez Herrera; Lorenzo Miguel Pastrana Castro

    Method for nisin production in submerged culture based on reiterated re-alkalinization of the medium, provided that the culture maintains the capacity to recover its level of stabilization, combined with a discontinuous glucose feeding regime. More detailed information can be found here.