I’ve always lived and worked close to the sea, and that droves my curiosity on the processes which interconnect everything in the ocean. I have a PhD in marine biology and aquaculture and a MSc in Geoinformatics. My main research interest is focused in connectivity patterns in marine populations. I am not an oceanographer but I’ve developed a special interest in coupling physical and biological processes to understand marine invertebrate population dynamics, paying special attention to larval dispersal patterns of bivalves, ecology and physiological response to global change for its integration in the spatial management of marine resources and maritime space. Right now, I’m participating in several projects on the use of new technologies for the comprehensive management of sedentary resources, such as natural marking techniques for the quantification of bivalve connectivity patterns and validation of biophysical models of larval dispersal; use of drones to monitor intertidal populations; or the application of GIS techniques for the incorporation of the spatial component in the physiological response to stress and the development of metapopulation models.

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