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On 12th June, Wednesday, at 10 am we will receive representatives of the ZEISS company at the Institute of Marine Research, who will come to present the possibilities of the new fluorescence microscopy equipment at IIM-CSIC, the Lighsheet LS7, managed by our in-house Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis service. The equipment was acquired thanks to the support of the Spanish State Research Agency (AEI).

The presentation will be streamed online, prior registration on the Zeiss website, and in person in the IIM-CSIC Conference Hall (R/ Eduardo Cabello, 6 - VIgo (Pontevedra). The session will be developed in Spanish.

The Lightsheet LS7

The Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM) equipment is available for use by the entire scientific and technical community, CSIC staff or not.

This type of microscopy is ideal for fast and smooth imaging of living organisms, whole tissues and model cells as they develop over extended periods of time. In addition, it allows obtaining complete images of large specimens, optically clean and with subcellular resolution. Dedicated optics, sample chambers and mounts allow adaptation to the refractive index of the chosen compensation method.

Image analysis has become the bottleneck of many laboratories since innovative imaging technology enables generating of amazing 2D/3D/4D content at incredible speeds, that generates large datasets. ZEISS arivis Pro is a modular image analysis software to work with multi-channel 2D, 3D, and 4D images of virtually unlimited size. With ZEISS arivis Pro it is easy to create automated end-to-end image analysis pipelines, to use predefined pipelines for common use cases or to create your own pipelines using its click-and-play interface.


The event will involve both staff from the ZEISS company and staff from our Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis Service:

  • Jacques Paysan (ZEISS) and Verona Villar (Carl Zeiss Iberia)
  • Lucía Sánchez Ruiloba (IIM-CSIC)