Short bio

After graduating in marine science, my interest in ocean's response to climate change gave me the push to specialize in climate and ocean. During the master's course, I had the opportunity of joining the FICARAM XVIII's campaign which main objective was the measurement of CO2 exchange fluxes between the ocean and the atmosphere. The experience allowed me to deep insight into the marine carbonate system and, since then, my interest in marine carbon cycle and in the response of marine systems to climatic perturbations increased notably. In consequence, I am currently doing my PhD wherein I will investigate the carbon footprint in the ocean, as well as the evolution of the carbonate system in the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre in particular. Because this topic involves complex-interconnected systems, as well as large spatial and temporal scale coverage, I like to combine data analysis and marine biogeochemical modeling as methodological tools for better understanding the drivers behind the marine carbon cycle shifts.

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