• Software | GOVOCITOS

    Govocitos is a free image analysis software that allows for easy and accurate determination of reproductive parameters in fish based on histological images. Although designed to estimate fish fertility, its applications are expandable to other counting, measurement and classification problems (i.e. pollen count, oncology and cytology, etc.).

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  • Trademark | Smart Fip: 100% sustainable, 0% waste fisheries

    Smart Fip is a trademark that certifies the application of a private voluntary control system on parasitic risk assessment for fishery products along the entire value chain. Smart Fip is a cognitive predictive inspection protocol based on a set of international standards, scientific-technical protocols and unique tools that allow for the digital transformation of the inspection system. These protocols and diagnostic techniques are based on the European biobank of samples and marine molecules from parasites of biotechnological interest available to the IIM-CSIC. By accepting the regulations for the use of the brand, companies implement a reliable inspection and categorization system for flexible decision-making, which allows applying technical solutions at different steps and reducing food waste throughout the whole process.

  • Capabilities | Development of new food products from fisheries and aquaculture by-products

    Development of processes for the transformation of discards and seafood by-products into new raw materials (fish mince, fish oil, etc.) with added value for the generation of innovative processed food products (hamburgers, nuggets, etc.), ensuring traceability, nutritional value and safety in new value chains.

  • Capabilities | Development of bioprocesses (biorefineries) for the extraction of bioproducts and bioactive compounds from food industry by-products

    Development of processes that allow extracting useful components of industrial interest from discards and food industry by-products and effluents. Biochemical characterization of useful components present in different kinds of fisheries products and by-products, such as skin collagen, visceral enzymes, chondroitin sulphate present in cartilage, chitin from crustacean shells and cuttlebone or protein hydrolysates obtained from muscle. Evaluation of potential applications of these compounds through the characterization of their biological activities (antioxidants, etc.) and functional properties for their use in different industries, such as biomedical, chemistry, cosmetic, food, etc.

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